• SOUNDS OF SUMMER / PICK YOUR STYLE, ENJOY THE TASTE House House is an electronic music style. Originated in the early 80´s in USA, to be more precise, on Chicago´s night clubs, influenced by the 70´s Disco music. Techno Techno is an electronic music style originated on Belleville, Detroit suburbs (USA) in the mid-eighties,it arrived to Europe at the end of that same decade. Its influences come from the Chicago House, Electro and Funk.
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    SOUNDS OF SUMMER / PICK YOUR STYLE, ENJOY THE TASTE Indie Indie Pop originated in Britain in the late 70´s. The word “Indie” (short for independent) made reference to the music produced independently from the mainstream record companies. Nowadays there is a good number of bands labelled as Indie, but promoted commerce-oriented record labels. Indie Rock Indie Rock is an alternative rock style originated in United Kingdom and United States in the eighties. As in Indie Pop, the name is associated to the way of producing the records. Today, Indie Rock bands enjoy great popularity. Somehow, the word Indie might have lost the essence and value it had on its beginnings.
  • SOUNDS OF SUMMER / PICK YOUR STYLE, ENJOY THE TASTE Metal Metal or Heavy Metal was born in the United Kingdom the late sixties and early seventies, stablishing and achieving great popularity during the eighties. Metal is influenced by many sources, like Blues or Heavy Rock Thrash Metal Thrash Metal is a Metal subgenre, characterized by the quickness and bluntness of its rhythms. It originated in the late seventies. Thrash Metal is the answer of the most hard-core Metal bands against the more commercially oriented subgenre of Metal (Glam Metal).
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  • SOUNDS OF SUMMER / PICK YOUR STYLE, ENJOY THE TASTE Rap RAP was born from the most impoverished New York (USA) neighbourhoods in the late 70´s and early 80´s. Its creators were young African-Americans and Latin-Americans influenced by Funk, Soul and Latin rhythms. Gangsta Rap Gangsta Rap is a subgenre from the mid-eighties. It was born both in Los Angeles and New York (USA) and created an extreme rivalry between East and West coasts of the country.
  • SOUNDS OF SUMMER / PICK YOUR STYLE, ENJOY THE TASTE Rhythm and Blues Rhythm and Blues, also known as R&B is a popular music style originated in the USA during the 40´s. It is known as the predecessor of Rock and Roll and is influenced by Blues, Gospel and Jazz. Rock and Roll Rock and Roll is a musical genre originated at the end of the 40´s and early 50´s in United States, even though the term wasn´t coined until the mid-fifties. On its beginnings it combined elements from country, Folk, Gospel, Jazz, or from its predecessor Rhythm and Blues.
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    SOUNDS OF SUMMER / PICK YOUR STYLE, ENJOY THE TASTE Ska Ska is a musical genre born in Kingston (Jamaica) in the early 50´s, and that had a great impact in England during the sixties. Its sound is an amalgam between Mento, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz and Calypso (a very popular style in Central America) Ska Punk Ska Punk is a sub-genre that comes from Reggae, Jamaican Ska and Punk or Punk Rock. It originated in both USA and UK by the late 70´s.
  • SOUNDS OF SUMMER / PICK YOUR STYLE, ENJOY THE TASTE Soul Soul is a genre that came from the United States in the late fifties and early sixties. Its origins are found in the chords of Rhythm and Blues, the religious sounds of Gospel or in the Doo Wop. Northern Soul Northern Soul is a musical style born in Wigan (North England) in the late sixties. British youth became interested in unknown recordings from American Soul.


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